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ERP software solutions in Malaysia is gaining popularity for it's reliability, flexibility, comprehensiveness and designs that suits local taste. We don't sell you computer, we sell you an accountant. This has been our motto since inception. We design software to help drive business in a more effective and efficient manner. How can it be effective when it is difficult to comprehend. And how can it be efficient when the features and functionalities provided are not useful.

All the software you ever wanted under one roof. Look no further when you own multiple type of business. Yeoh Computer Services has almost all of the software for different  types of businesses. Sundry shops, mobile telecommunciation shops,  hotels,  wholesalers, distributors, retail chain operations, multilevel marketing  companies, property developers, snooker parlours, health centres, gyms, restaurants, contractors,  car workshops, corperative societies and statutory bodies.

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We'll Make Sure Template Works For You

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Come and find out more how an accurate Project Forecasting can help improve your cash flow management. Newly launch HQdev Forecasting System. Many project cash flow forecasting are done using spreadsheet . This has resulted in work duplication.  Data similar to the one created in your spreadsheet  can be generated from our existing HQdev Property Development module.

Budget and actual figures from Sales transactions, booking collection, project costing and office expenditure are extracted and consolidate into our Project Forecasting Worksheet. Project .Forecasting should not be a one time effort at the project preconceptual stage. It should change and adept to changes on project progress. Imagine giving  the project manager a platform to signal the administrative department to initiate a request to issue architect certificate follow by the generation of progressive claim. As progressive payments from banks are released, cash flow are immediately updated upon issuance of an official receipt.

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