HQhotel Hotel Management System

A hotel reservation system for budget hotels

HQhotel is designed for low skilled workers maning the front desk. It is so easy to use that even banglas and vietnamese workers can master it in an hour)

HQhotel is designed to be user friendly, affordable, secured and highly reliable. Even with extended use, data retrieval will always remain quick and robust. With it's free additional licensing policy, adding new computers to manage bookings and check in is free of charge.

Integrates with hotel door locks

HQhotel integrates with our range of hotel door locks. Additional security can be added in the form of relay controllers that prevent power supply to hotel rooms without a valid check in. Even SMS can be sent to supervisor to detect abnormal check ins.

Supports Group Check In

HQhotel offers both group and single check ins.  Group check in helps speed up check in process while allowing flexibility for late turn ups. Quick check in work wonders for walk in customers as rooms are quickly selected.

Simple Check Out

Check outs are optimised to be easy.  You can check out with only the room key number or name of person.

Check Out that links with  housekeeping

Check outs are automatically routed to housekeeping who will then use the housekeeping slips to calculate commission entitled to them.  This also acts as a  counter check against phantom checkouts.

Choice of Check In Status

HQhotel provides various choices of view, the highly reliable chart view and the floor level layout view.

Quick Keyword Search

Searching for guest is really easy as the keyword function allows any letter search. 

User definable Check In and Check Out

This prevent late check in as day use

Support Day Use

Rooms can be flagged for day use

Other features and benefits

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