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Types of Support

Only person with the customer's domain experience be deployed as inexperienced personnel will only compound the problem. Fast, timely and accurate support backed by a sound KPI has make many of our customer's happy. 

We take pride in our software products. Every product being actively deployed and used by satisfied customers will only motivate and spearhead to use to better innovative products.  Every feature that is lacking in our product are quickly resolved in no time. A lot of time, it's the pleasure derived from the customer's satisfaction beyond economic benefits.

Remote Support

The quickest way to provide timely and accurate support is via remote tools.

Onsite Support

On site support are provided at early stage of training and implementation. Our user friendly design complement our support initiatives and has long been incorporated into our design metaphor.

Video Tutorial 

Nowadays, who want user guide when a Quick Video is worth a thousand words.

User Guide

User Guide is useful in particular in troubleshooting problems usually faced by experienced users.


Live video on youtube and facebook helps communicate our new software features in the most cost effectiveness way.

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We provide demo throughout Malaysia

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