HQtouchpos Point of Sales System

A POS system designed for touchscreen

HQtouchpos offers a cheaper alternative to existing Point of Sales (POS system) for business startup in Malaysia. Startups wants an easy to use Malaysian POS system that can be mastered within an hour. As the bosses always said "Even bangla or vietnamese workers know how to use".

HQtouchpos is optimised to comply with Malaysian GST requirement. It is designed to cater for both retail and wholesale transactions.

Keeps user defined information of customer

HQtouchpos allows users to keep personal information of their customer such as health history, taste etc. All these information are fully customisable.

Integrate with Accounting

HQtouchpos can be integrated to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger System with the eventual generation of financial accounting and inventory reports.

Repack function

Stock items can be disassembled and repacked. Repack are useful for hampers during festive season.

Facilitate Quick Stock Reshuffle

HQtouchpos is highly optimised for ease of stock movement. You no longer need the help of storekeeper to manage stock location as stock transfer are immediate with full audit trail of any such stock relocation.

Quick Stock Up

Stock Top Up has always been tedious requiring update in Inventory module of any new stock received from your suppliers. Top Up can be done on-the-fly with full integration to inventory module.

Quick Keyword Search

Searching for stock is really easy as the keyword function allows any letter search.  At that same time, it is intelligent enough to know the use of barcode scanner for instant stock retrieval. All these are done in one place - the same search box allows barcode scanning, manual stock code entry or alphanumeric search.

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