HQcast Project Management Cash Flow System

Forget about Project Management if a sound Cash Flow System is not in place

Without fund surplus projects cannot take off as planned. Most projects are stalled from lack of funds. Running a project without a well planned cash flow system is tantamount to navigating on the sea without a compass. Cash Flow tend to change as resources change. A systematic cash flow system will help overcome the common problems faced by contractors and property developers - which is the failure to have a team leader to coordinate the integration of cash inflow and outflow. While possible, cost is often the main deterrent for real time information in particular small and medium sized property developers.

Generate Projected Cash Flow in minutes

Let  HQcast generate your Projected Cash Flow in minutes, not days. HQcast comes built with a wizard that collects core project information that helps generates a projected cash flow and income statement . Further refinement can be made with a sensitively worksheet  to reapply your projected cash flow based on market conditions.

Revenue Projections based on real time property sales bookings and progress claims

HQcast comes with a comprehensive set of specialised tools to help generate project cash flow based on outstanding progress claims and sales bookings received. 

Highly predictive engine for accurate revenue projections

The first drawdown takes a long process often going through various bank and statutory compliance before the first progress sum of money is released. How can a project be accurate then without a trigger point to tell the computer that money is about to be collected? HQcast comes with a set of user definable procedure check list that requires sales administrators to comply before a collection is a reality. Only when all the work criteria are fulfilled will the cash inflow be reflected in the Cash Flow system.

Only property units sold are included in the projection

HQcast  make forecast  based on units sold to provide a realistic cash flow projection. Projections will automatically change as soon as new bookings are secured. 

User definable templates helps chart your future projects

With HQcast, you define your own work processes unique to each project and have them applied to new projects. In this template, you define the timeline and trigger point which will release the projected cash collections into the Cash Flow system. By prolonging the work duration, you have the option to delay and prevent cash inflow from being reflected in the Cash Flow Forecast System - thereby making your cash projections highly accurate and flexible.

Cash Flow Worksheet to help refine your projections

HQcast allows you to make further refinement to your cash flow projection bypassing the cash flow  generator. This allows you to fine tune last minute changes prior to the generation of final Cash Flow Reports.

Cost Projections and Variance Reports

Work done are updated to HQcast alongside with projected cost and completion stage. Variance reports and Cash Outflow are automatically generated and merge with the Cash Inflow, A section is provided for office administrators to enter fixed monthly expenditure (option to integrate with Accts Payable) to form a totally integrated set of Cash Flow Report.

Payment Approval Platform

HQcast provide a centralised area to facilitate approval of contractors' claim. Claims can either be entered in HQcast or via the Accounts Payable System and a Certificate of Payment generated to ensure contractors who finally agreed with the cost of work done are not being overpaid by the accounts department.

Project Reporting

HQcast provides a platform to report daily work related matters such as problems encountered, events transpired, and resources mobilised for the day. Management will be able to easily identified issues that needs to be addressed. This facilitates project team leader project review who cannot always be physically present on site. With pictures uploaded together with work progress information and cost involved, a status report can quickly be generated and a trigger point activated to enable sales administrators to initate progress claim.

Gantt Chart

Various types of Gantt Charts are provided and a summarised Gantt Chart give a bird's eye view of your projects. A detailed Gantt Chart provides minute view of a particular job and helps pinpoint project delays and cost overrun. With it's ability to generate Work Progress  Chart directly to spreadsheet, you get full control of the Chart allowing you to make custom changes.

Features and functionality

A request demo is the best approach to the full understanding of the benefits derived from these features. Below are the highlights of main features:

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