HQsnooker Snooker Light Control POS System

Let our snooker software switch on table lights and handle all your stock and shift collection

Handling daily collections and stock count can now be easily done by one cashier . Trust the meter. And you gain back trust from your cashier and customer. No more electronic calculators. No more use of writing pads to take individual count of each game. When one of the group of players want out, separate receipts can be printed for that player  without interruption to that group as lights will not be turn off.

No more price manipulation

HQsnooker Light Control POS System helps snooker parlour avoid cash collection being understated or overcharging of customer.

No more mechanical meter. Let our snooker light control board do the switching.

Let both the POS software and the electronic controller takes care of switching of table lights. Receipts are printed upon "Continue" and "End" game session.
Improve customer loyalty with VIP discount and points redemption

You set the Table Rates yourself

Special rates can be set for VIP tables. Night time can have different rates than day time. And this you set on your own with the admin password given to you. You do not have to rely on your software programmer to change and be  charged accordingly.

No business, don't worry

Our VIP membership function built into the system will help you retain loyal customers as they form the bulk of your revenue. Discount can be withdrawn for peak seasons such as festive holidays, university breaks, and even Saturday and Sundays. 

Reward your loyal customers with our built-in VIP member multi-tier discount structure. You can either scan the Mifare (or NRIC) card to register them with a default discount. Points redemption is a breeze allowing your customer to either cash out or redeem drinks.
No more Stock Card

No more manual Stock Card. Our built in snooker POS function takes care of your stock

Forget about manual Stock Card. It is fully automated. So long as you get a supervisor (or you) to acknowledge stock top up, inventory is updated in real time allowing cashier to print and reconcile against the physical stock balance for each shift change.

History sales and collection reports are ready for print out. There is no hurry to be printed out as it is kept until you purged them permanently.

Idiot free design

Experience the most user friendly Snooker  POS system on the market. Even foreign workers can master the software in two hours.

Industrial Grade Controller Board

Our electronic boards are designed to withstand electrical surge and lightning surge

Fraud Tolerant Design

Trying to change system clock or shutdown your computer. Forget about it. Your cashier will panick if they ever try to attempt it. We will not let them off the hook without referring to the boss.

Demo available throughout Malaysia

Call Gary  016-5991386 for an early assessment on phone.

Features and functionality

A request demo is the best approach to the full understanding of the benefits derived from these features. Below are the highlights of main features:

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Supporting services are provided to ensure speed of training and implementation.

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