HQcater Restaurant POS System

A Restaurant POS system that adapts to your table layout

Restaurant often are faced with difficulty in keeping cashiers. Training new cashier has become a challenge. An economical and user friendly POS system is therefore essential. New cashier will be able to master the software in 30 minutes.

Less support required
HQcater is designed to be support free. All user defaults are preset in the software. The data structure enables users to store data without affecting the speed and performance of the system.

User definable Security Level
Sensitive sales information can only be viewed by authorised personnel

Flag prepared orders
Our special Kitchen Queueing System is provided for Kitchen Helpers to flag off foods once prepared and served. This system integrates seamless with orders to prompt cashier of any late orders

Unilimited Sales History Report

You can print back your past sales report any time you want without time limitation. This allows you to reprint your annual sales report for tax purposes

User definable Table Layout
Less salt, more sugar, less ice, medium cook, more spicy are common cook instructions that must be properly

User definable cook instructions

Less salt, more sugar, less ice, medium cook, more spicy are common cook instructions that must be properly communicated to the chef. With our on-the-fly self learning cook instruction, adding new cooking instruction is seemless, giving you accurate serving of food and drinks.

Unlimited order routing
You can set an order and have the food items routed to 2 bar counters, and or 3 kitchens. Of course, you can save printer cost by routing all orders to only one printer.

Reprint orders
You can reprint orders that has been misplaced by the kitchen helpers

Send cancel orders to Kitchen
Cancel orders can be sent to kitchen to ensure food are omitted from preparation list

User definable discount for different groups
Different discount can be given for different type of customers. This allows you to offer group discount for travel agents.

Takeaway orders
Takeaway orders are not subjected to Service Charge which can be set in your allocated Queue Screen. Further our Queue Screen ensures Takeaway queues are included in queue management

Dashboard showing unattended customers
Unattended customers are quickly identified to prevent any embarassed omission

Keep tracks of ingredients usage
Materials used in food preparation are automatically calculated based on our Materials composition section

Support Windows Tablet
For portability, you can install the software into any Windows Tablet PC that runs on Windows OS

Integrates with Accounting
All sales and collections can be posted to our General Ledger Accounting System. This allows you seamless integration of this transaction for quick reporting.

Features and functionality

A request demo is the best approach to the full understanding of the benefits derived from these features. Below are the highlights of main features:

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Supporting services are provided to ensure speed of training and implementation.

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