HQworkshop Car Workshop Management System

Let us take care of your quotation, billing, inventories, mechanics and repair history

Price can be a very sensitive issue. What if you accidentally charge your customer lower than the previous one. If you have a database of past service records, you will not have to be in this situation. You may loose a loyal customer permanently. Customer knows they are well taken care of if you can recall past service records as it can be irritating for them to inform you of any parts due for replacement.

When you are investing on HQworkshop, you are investing on your loyal customers. Every car owners loves their car. And they expect you to care for them. 

No more price disputes

HQworkshop helps you generate a Price Quotation prior to the commencement of a repair job, thereby avoiding complaints and parts rejection. Refunds are costly as workmanship for disputed parts cannot be billed.

No more stock card.

Every parts agreed upon after the Price Quotation are updated immediately  to inventory and trade receivables.

Stock are identified by batch serial number

Stock valuation is more accurate as it is valued based on the exact cost price at time of shipment. Relying on Average Price will only give you an estimate cost value. You will never be competitive if you sell an old item based on the most recent price.

No more negative stock balance

Having negative stock balance spell disaster. Stock are prevented from sale when it falls below zero. You can however flag off to allow negative balance but is not highly recommended.  This encourages all staff personnels to reconcile when such discrepancies arises and be done with it in the same day.

If you wait for your Accounts Department  to give you the Stock Balance on a yearly basis, you will encounter stock discrepancies so serious that you will never be able to recover your stock losses as by the time you realise it, the person responsible has gone working somewhere else.

Profit known in a day

Why wait for your Accounts Department  to conduct a year end  stock count before determining the gross profit when you can have them on a daily basis? Every sales are pegged to the stock item batch selected at time of billing. In fact, you can immediately know the profit for that particular job.

Smart record retrieval

Our design elminates the need to remove old service records periodically from your database in order to speed up record retrieval. The indexing function allows a minimal subset of the car service records to be retrieved. Retrieval are therefore instantaneous.

Manage Fleet Ownership

Company Cars are tracked and billed to the same Company. A single Customer Statement containing all jobs performed helps your customer manage their Receivables in a more efficient manner.

Vehicle Profile with Parts Performance Monitoring

Parts can be flagged for monitoring so as to gauge a brand's cost  performance. Parts may be cheap but if it's lifespan  falls short of a typical brand, then it is no longer cheap.

Demo available throughout Malaysia

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Features and functionality

A request demo is the best approach to the full understanding of the benefits derived from these features. Below are the highlights of main features:

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Supporting services are provided to ensure speed of training and implementation.

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